Vibha participates in IAM “Connect India”: Many insights shared -By Dipen Mehta

Vibha participates in IAM “Connect India”: Many insights shared -By Dipen Mehta

Vibha Minnesota recently attended the Indian Association of Minnesota’s (IAM) event “Connect India” on February 2nd, 2019. As has been the case for the past few years, the event was a great success for Vibha Minnesota. With more than fifty Indian organizations coming together and sharing their ideas, missions, and goals, Vibha Minnesota had some very productive and insightful conversations with other organizations, including those involving areas where cooperation and collaboration within the community was possible.

A very interesting addition to this year’s event was the introduction of a booth concept where Vibha and other organizations could showcase themselves and collaborate with others.

These kinds of collective endeavors and meetings are essential not only to spread the ideas and goals of Vibha to create a positive social impact in local and global communities, but also to strengthen the unity of organizations with similar goals by allowing for more perspectives and ideas, and strength of volunteers. Just as the late, great Sardar Vallabhai Patel had said, “By common endeavor we can raise the country to a new greatness,” this same spirit of unity encouraged by Vibha’s participation in “Connect India” has the strength to bring a better tomorrow to the people of the world.

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