Vibha Boston Welcomes Spring with “Be the Light” -By Dipen Mehta

Vibha Boston Welcomes Spring with “Be the Light” -By Dipen Mehta

As winter chills start melting away, and spring begins to blossom, Vibha Boston takes the opportunity to do some yoga, and help the community along with it.

On the bright afternoon of Saturday March 2nd, a small group gathered at Todos Studio to learn and practice yoga from Lisa, the skilled instructor at Yoga Nova in Bedford, MA for a session of serenity and tranquil rejuvenation. “The class was light as a breeze. Lisa ensured everyone was really doing their poses the way they should be, without hurting themselves. Vibha volunteers, friends including children enjoyed an afternoon full of chitter-chatter followed by a free raffle sponsored by Shova Sharma of New York Life Insurance to add to the fun,” says Sandhya Suresh, one of the Vibha volunteers at the event.

The volunteers at the event raised a total sum of $875, which amounted to $510 after expenses. For an event like this, which was planned to be small-scale, it was very successful not only in keeping everyone’s spirits high, but also in raising funds that will be used to ensure an under privileged child attains his or her right to health, education and opportunity. We wish Vibha Boston good luck on its more large-scale future events such as kite flying during the summer and BollyX!

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