Social Entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneurs are an important part of Vibha’s solution strategy. They are the change agents whose ideas are the basis of all our initiatives.They are people who have studied the problems and worked out solutions that can effect change right from the grassroots. They might not have the resources or funds to realize their ideas but they strongly believe they can bring about a positive social change.We welcome these ideas and enable the entrepreneurs with knowledge, expertise, capital, financial know-how, management support and other required assistance.If you have a proposal that you believe has an answer to our problems, we would like to review it. Send us your proposal at

Vibha is not in the business of finding a solution and keeping it to itself. Vibha is in the business of finding a solution to various problems related to the underprivileged child and then sharing this solution with whom-so-ever wants to implement it.A systemic problem can only be solved in a sustainable manner if all stake-holders in the problem play their part. A big part of that is community at large. Vibha alone cannot mobilize the entire community across India.This is where we enable multiple other NGOs to take solutions that Vibha social entrepreneurs have found and implement it and scale it across the country.

Featured Non Profit Partners

Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal (RMKM)
Society for Education and Action (SEA)
Rural Development Organsiation (RDO)
Jan Madhyam
Door Step School (DSS)
Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT)

Changemakers that partner with us