Project Spotlights

Vibha and CORP


The Community Outreach Program (CORP) provides direct services to help children living in poverty and dying of hunger, malnutrition or preventable diseases. The program also supports the children of commercial sex workers and differently abled children neglected by their families who are exposed to several risks.


The program caters to children in the age group of 3 to 14 years and follows a proactive community intervention model in which the family, community and government are all partners in creating sustainable social change. After-school programs, night shelters, motivational counselling, facilitation of school supplies and mid-day meals are all part of CORP’s 360-degree approach


By funding and mentoring CORP India, Vibha ensures that children do not miss the opportunity of getting meaningful education, healthcare and social inclusion because of their socio-economic status.


Project location: Mumbai and Thane, Maharashtra, India

Number of children supported (till 2019): 436

Annual Budget provided (2019): $33,637


How CORP changed Rashmita’s future


Rashmita was born in hard circumstances, where every day was a struggle to survive. Education, healthcare, and dreams for a better future were out of reach and were mere words. This was her situation in 2001.


Fortunately for her, CORP supported by Vibha stepped in and admitted her to the center’s crèche.  She was later moved to a Balwadi and then mainstreamed into a Government School. CORP supported her throughout by providing supplemental study classes and mid-day meals. Fifteen years later, Rashmita was going stronger than ever. She completed her SSC with 85% marks and was looking forward to higher studies.

Vibha and the Children Toy Foundation

Vibha and the Children Toy Foundation

Children Toy Foundation (CTF) is a trust registered with the charity commissioner of Bombay. Its prime objective is to inculcate in people in general and children in particular a genuine love for toys and games. Since 1982, it has been striving to promote the intrinsic worth of toys and games.


CTF aims to build self-esteem in underprivileged children through the ‘laugh, play and grow’ approach. For a majority of India’s child population, quality toys remain out of reach. Vibha funds the mobile unit of CTF named LAFF with professionally trained staff and educational toys/games for children that instantly kindle the creativity, cognitive skills and intellectual development in growing curious minds


Project location : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Number of children supported (till 2019): 3000

Annual Budget provided (2019): $15,353

How Aditya benefited from CTF


Aditya grew up in a struggling household with two siblings and his mother as the sole provider, as his father had passed away. The family was too poor and their monthly income was just not enough to make ends meet.


Despite the struggles at home, Aditya is an exceptionally bright young boy who was identified in sixth grade by CTF staff while conducting a session. They called him a ‘special case’ as he required more attention and patience.


One of his teachers also made special efforts by playing memory games and puzzles to strengthen his mental skills. CTF helped him understand the importance of concentration and focus and also made him do skipping rope exercises for his physical growth. Under CTF care for one year, Aditya has improved in his studies and made many friends.