Our Approach

When we empower people, we set them free. We make them capable of finding solutions to problems and putting them to effect.

All projects that Vibha associates with are chosen with utmost diligence, ensuring that they fall within the purview of our Mission and Vision goals, and pass our strict qualitative criteria.


Our three-pronged approach involves selecting a suitable project, enabling our volunteers force, and finally nurturing the program till it becomes sustainable.


A sustainable solution is a combined effort, where all stakeholders work together strategically to make the best possible use of the allocated funds.

Selecting and Monitoring

Our selection is based on the project’s viability as a sustainable and replicable venture; without discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, creed, religion or language.


Every project proposal is researched and analyzed before it is recommended for funding. The competency of the proposal is critically appraised and ascertained through annual audited reports, reference checks, and pre-funding evaluations.


Once selected and supported, the projects are regularly monitored to assure effectiveness, and to measure the impact.

Monitoring process entails:

  • Appointing full time employees in India for regular project visits and maintaining detailed account of every visit
  • Recruiting volunteers to visit and communicate with the project beneficiaries first-hand


These visits allow us to monitor the progress of the project, keep a detailed check on its functioning and account for the funding and support.


Along with direct interaction, we also create awareness and influence policy-makers to deliberate on issues concerning deprived children.

Educate | Empower | Enable

At Vibha, our Volunteers and our Beneficiaries are our two strong arms. We enable one to empower the other and include them in the process of change.

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Through Workshops & Conferences


To effectively run projects and ensure that all efforts are in line with our core principles

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To Implement & Sustain Projects


By promoting change using local resources and community partners

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To Facilitate Growth


By supporting the process and ensuring systematic assessment of the progress

Seed | Grow | Scale


We seed, grow and scale grassroots ideas that can solve systemic problems concerning children

through solutions that would involve minimal external intervention, and result in a large-scale societal impact.

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After identifying a viable model project, we explore its workability through extensive research and analysis, and some initial funding. We call this seeding’, the starting phase of our endeavour.

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The next step is to nurture the initiative to make it ‘grow’ into a sustainable process. This is the crucial part of our exercise and determines the success of the project. Regular monitoring and constant re-evaluation help us assess the success-rate and make improvements.

After the gestation period (usually 3 years) the model project is ready to be scaled and replicated through far-reaching social partners like NGOs and NPOs, or even Government bodies that need strategic support.

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‘Scaling’ is the ultimate test of our efforts where we engage social partners to adopt and adapt our solutions to their ongoing child development work. We facilitate infrastructure and material requirements, and procure funds to ensure a long-term symbiotic relationship.

If the entrepreneurial idea fails to take off and the project proves inadequate in achieving its goal of finding a scalable solution, we gradually withdraw the Vibha inputs and eventually leave the project to let it advance with minimal intrusion.