Open Positions

Vibha is a 100% volunteer driven organization.


You can donate your professional skills – we are constantly in need of specialized skills in various professional areas including Public Relations/Marketing, Financial Accounting, Project Evaluation and Selection, Graphic Design, Web design and Programming, Software Development, Publishing, and Legal.


You can volunteer with your local Action Center and help with their activities.Local Action Centers drive the creative effort on the type of activities that are organized annually. Action Centers raise awareness and funds for Vibha’s mission by organizing community events like Concerts, Bowlathon, Competitions, and several Kids Focused Activities as well as group volunteering efforts at Soup Kitchens, Hospital visits, Art Projects for Local Children.

So what are you waiting for? Make a Difference by signing up for one of the open positions below –



Anywhere in India. (All Vibha staff currently) work from home.


About Vibha


Vibha is a ‘Social Venture Catalyst’ where it identifies replicable, scalable and sustainable models providing systemic solutions to    children’s   issues in India.


Vibha seeds, nurtures and mentors such models to scale and widen it’s reach. Currently, Vibha is engaged with 30 such organizations across 12 States in India.


Vibha believes in participatory culture and values of mutual respect, transparency and accountability.


Broad Roles and Responsibilities: (Full time position)


  • Proactively participate in all activities of Vibha in India meetings its goal of finding and partnering with scalable, replicable and sustainable solutions to systemic problems faced by the underprivileged child in India.
  • Undertake project monitoring responsibilities. Suggest, recommend, or advise to Vibha on additional inputs / hand holding / support needed by the projects.
  • Identify core competencies of each project, capitalize them so they become roadmaps for Vibha to achieve its goal.
  • Provide strategic inputs and advice to Vibha on termination / renewal / current funding of the projects ensuring maximum return on investment.
  • Take initiative, assist and be a contributing team member in organizing bi-annual conference and training workshops for the partners
  • Document case studies, success stories, and other project related information as per specific requirements
  • Be a supportive and contributing to other team members (Project Directors, CSR Directors, Vibha Volunteers) in their roles and responsibilities.
  • Attend all national and international calls and participate actively in all discussions.


Requirement: Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes:


  • Post Graduate or Masters degree in any of the Social Sciences
  • Having at least 10-15 years ground level experience in development or associated sector is preferable.
  • Strong analytical abilities, critical thinking , ability to initiate and follow through are skills which are highly preferable.
  • Language proficiency in English is mandatory. Fluency in local languages is an added advantage.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Having basic computer skills in word, excel, use of drive, social media, PPT is mandatory.
  • Willingness to travel to interior locations of the projects.
  • Willingness to sharpen one’s own skills and knowledge to match with the changing needs of the organization and in changing scenario in general.
  • Ability to work independently is expected.
  • Must be a team player: participatory, respectful, cooperative and collaborative


Reports to


Director, Vibha India


And on occasion as per need to Projects Director, Vibha India


    Locations: Tampa(FL), Detroit (MI), Orlando (FL), Nashville (TN), Philadelphia (PA), Austin (TX), Raleigh (NC), Sacramento (CA), Phoenix (AZ),


    Time commitment: 4-6 hours/week


    Term: 3 years


    Action Center Coordinator (ACC) is a highly visible leadership role in Vibha. This is a great opportunity for a high energy, self-motivated individual looking to volunteer their time to make an impact at grassroots level by leveraging their people skills, leadership abilities, organizational and team spirit.




    This role will start as in-training leader and will mature into ACC role after successful completion of training program (within 6 -12 months of joining).


    The ACC is directly responsible for establishing an action center, setting the annual plan for the action center and managing its day to day operations and its growth. This involves bringing people together and leading the vision by conducting fundraising events, awareness drives, community partnerships and any other activities. This role empowers other action center volunteers and acts as Vibha’s culture guru.


    This role will have high visibility and support from Vibha’s executive team, including but not limited to recruiting action center executive team (Volunteer Relations, Treasurer, Publicity/Marketing) mentoring, training materials, tools to manage operations, seed funding, best practices, etc.


    Vibha’s executive team is comprised of accomplished professionals from across industries and are highly motivated and experienced in driving Vibha’s vision and mission.


    Key Responsibilities:


    • Volunteer leadership: ACC, with the help from the National Director of Volunteer Relations, will assist in recruiting, orientation, mentoring, retention and growth of action center volunteers. ACCs are responsible for ensuring diversity within the action center.
    • Fund Raising: ACC will work closely with national executive team in identifying and implementing the right set of activities for the action center. They will ensure that fundraising events are executed smoothly and in alignment with national fundraising playbook & standards.  They will also be empowered to think outside the box around fundraising and suggest/implement new ways. Depending on the size and activities conducted at the action center, an ACC may be responsible for handling finances and accounting.
    • Awareness Generation: ACCs will be responsible for reaching out to multiple avenues and spreading the vision and mission of Vibha.   This will include leading partnerships with local patrons, community leaders, other non-profits, event sponsors/organizers and organizations, in addition to ensuring local marketing, press/media presence and social media presence in collaboration with national executive team.
    • National Liaison: ACCs act as the representative of the action center at the national level, leveraging national Subject Matter Experts and other resources as needed while providing feedback loop from action center’s experience. ACC will attend annual volunteer conference (may require travel).  ACCs are members of the Electoral College that elects the members of the Executive Management Team (after successful completion of training period).




    • Passion for making a difference in the community and being the change
    • Love for connecting and engaging people
    • Experience in leading teams/initiatives and working with social communities
    • Social media, technology, finance skills, fundraising experience highly preferred
    • Event management experience is a plus
    • Professional and objective outlook
    • Understanding of local socio-economic and demographic landscape


      Functional Team: Creative Team


      Time commitment: 1-2 hours per week (Remote)


      Number of Volunteers needed – 5


      Duration: 1-2 Year


      Role Description: Ranger teams are central pools of volunteers with very specific skill sets (Ex. IT, Creative Writing, Graphic Designing). Rangers help Vibha Action Centers and National Teams on an as needed basis with very specific, time bound projects/tasks (Poster Design, Website Updates, Press Reports) that can be delivered virtually.


      We are looking for Design Rangers who will collaborate with teams and projects across Vibha to deliver on target, on time, and brand consistent designs. Digital Designers are encouraged and expected to stay on top of the latest design, marketing and technology trends.


      Digital Design Rangers will be responsible for developing intuitive and engaging digital experiences. They will lead the analysis of user experience, identifying and evaluating problems and creating solutions to them. They will collaborate with national team to ensure brand continuity across the organization’s marketing assets – including but not limited to website, social media, marketing print material, presentations, etc.


      Past Experience Needed?


      Expertise in design tools like photoshop, Illustrato, Aftereffects.


      Proficient in Adobe, HTML, CSS, UI & UX


      Training provided?


      Vibha will be providing required technology access and training where needed.