How We Do

01 Collaborate

In a country as vast and diverse as India, rehabilitation and development efforts are as scattered and disparate. There are Government policies that were devised with the intention of centralising relief efforts but have fallen short due to lack of various assimilation factors. Then there are non-profits that are working in the field but are unable to sustain a steady growth. There are donors with ready funds to be put to use, but are unable to optimally utilise them.

  • ‘There is a glaring need to bring together the various entities working on the ground, under one mutual effort. Vibha, we believe, fits the role of a collaborator perfectly.’

02 Educate, Empower, Enable

03 Seed, Grow, Scale

  •  We seed, grow and scale grass-roots ideas that can solve systemic problems concerning underprivileged children through solutions that would involve minimal external intervention, and result in a large-scale societal impact.

At the onset, we ensure that all projects or ideas selected as Vibha initiatives fall within the purview of our Mission and Vision goals, and pass our strict qualitative criteria to measure the effectiveness of a project it is essential that it is manageable and can be monitored regularly, and so we prefer working with projects that are small or medium-sized.