Educate, Empower, Enable

01 Educate

We begin by inspiring our team of volunteers:

  • educating them on how to effectively run projects and ensure that all efforts are in line with our core principles, through workshops and conferences

We foster excellence through skill development and training, constantly challenging our limits in furthering our cause. Our day-long regional conference ‘VolConX’ is a learning platform for volunteer leaders, to help them promote Vibha in their regions. Attending volunteers get a broader understanding of the organization’s mission and the tactical knowhow to achieve it.

02 Empower

  • empowering them to promote change by implementing the projects and sustaining them, using local resources and community partners

‘When we empower people, we set them free. We make them capable of finding solutions to problems and putting them to effect.’ Our enabled volunteers, in turn, empower the people affected and include them in process of change.

03 Enable

  • enabling them by facilitating the process and ensuring systematic assessment of growth

A sustainable solution is a result of a combined effort, where all stakeholders work together strategically to make the best possible use of the funds granted to a project.