Vibha is a one of a kind organization that is focused on working at the grassroots to address childhood education and health! Some of my role models are at Vibha and I’m simply fortunate to come across an amazing army of volunteers so driven!

Mahua C

There are many organizations which do good work, many people in this world who need additional support. Vibha is one of those organizations which takes dedicated attention to make sure their efforts are making the right impact. Vibha is not an organization, its an energy – which is needed to keep humans stay as humans and make all of us feel there is more than ourself.

Praveen P

Lot of thought and effort by volunteers in every single event organized . Great group of people to work with . Have been part of this non profit as a volunteer and client . Had s great time interacting with team and kids . Every kid deserves a fair chance and happy to work with charities like Vibha

Radha G.

I chose to volunteer with Vibha and give back to the community. Highly energetic, truly stunning and starring innovation in their approach to give back, I am sold that this is the right choice. I learn so much every day working with this great team of individuals and staying motivated with how much people can do to give back to the community.


I am a Vibha volunteer since more than 10 + years and still volunteering. The reason I chose this organization from all others is because of its volunteer dedication and crystal clear organization accounting. There is nothing hidden. All the volunteers are giving their free time with no return expectations from the organization and that is dedication of volunteers.