Great organization improving learning levels at government schools to create competent, confident citizens. Dedicated volunteers, engages the community to raise funds through various events and most importantly, supports and challenges projects on the ground to think big, work with local government, and measure learning impact.


Seema Chetal

The Vibha team is known for their passionate and experienced members. My children recently became volunteers with Vibha, and they are thoroughly enjoying their time. Vibha offers diverse and thoughtfully designed opportunities for individuals of all ages to engage in social development activities. Recent activities we enjoyed as a family including their grandmother.



I was introduced to Vibha through one of the biggest Bay Area’s fundraising programs, ‘Striders,’ which is a half / full marathon training program. It was and still is a fabulous program that made me an ‘athlete’ that I am today. The number of volunteers involved in making the program successful really was what made me come back again the following year and the year after.

I slowly got exposed to and began to understand the NPO, the cause, the financials, the action centers, the Board, the multiple fundraisers, activities, etc – which is proof to the fact that there is a lot of visibility into what happens and accountability at all levels.
I was and still am impressed by the number of selfless people involved in the cause to make things happen.
That is one reason why I started to volunteer. Volunteering gave me satisfaction of doing something beyond myself and people appreciated it. Thanks to the many friendships that I developed through volunteering for Vibha.
Overall I enjoy volunteering for Vibha and definitely hope to continue to do so.



Vibha has been instrumental in bridging the gaps by providing and funding scalable and replicable solutions for improving the quality of public education.
The fact that this is a volunteer driven organization with diverse volunteers professionally skilled in their respective fields driven by a common cause of making a difference in under-privileged children makes Vibha a great organization to associate with. Vibha’s USP is its intellectual capital of volunteers who wish to make a difference by giving back to the community.



I have had a really positive experience volunteering with Vibha. I really like how global the organization is and that I am able to make an impact on a local, national, and mostly a global level. The other volunteers I’ve worked with are also so passionate about the cause to help underprivileged children. They are a constant inspiration and have become lifelong friends. I would highly recommend joining Vibha if you are looking to make a difference, meet like-minded people, and have fun along the way too! I have worked on fundraisers like charity races, musical events/concerts/cultural shows, and galas that benefit programs in India supporting children’s education. It is an amazing organization!


P Nalavade

I have been volunteering with Vibha for more than a decade. What I love about Vibha is the dedication, passion, and commitment of everyone in the organization who happily donate their time and skills to improve the quality of education for millions of underprivileged children in India and US. I am an engineer by trade and so I love the methodical, data-driven approach that Vibha takes to evaluate and scale solutions that offer the best return of investment. So when I volunteer my time, not only am I energized by the positivity of my fellow volunteers, but I also know that it is put to use in the most effective way to make a meaningful impact. I whole-heartedly endorse the organization and strongly encourage anyone to consider Vibha as a place to volunteer.


N Ramdaass

I have volunteered with Vibha for several years and what is unique about it is that everyone is a volunteer. So all have a day job do activities to raise funds or volunteer in their spare time.
As a volunteer for Vibha during their Dream Mile in Houston as well as in Bangalore, I loved the commitment shown by the volunteers. Everyone was humble and there was no hierarchy.
All were assigned roles and all lived up to it, whether it was to provide water and hydration to the runners or clean up the roads after the race was done, it was done with heart and commitment.
It was heartening to see all volunteers stay back after the last runner was gone and cleaned up the whole place to leave it in a condition that it was before the race started !!!!!


Volunteer Vibha

Vibha has taught me, It takes nothing away from a human to be kind. The service they do together for kids’ education has inspired me. I’m thankful to be a part of Vibha.



I have been volunteering for Vibha for more than 10 years. I started when my first son started volunteering when he was in middle school and later my second son also started volunteering for Vibha. Now my kids have graduated and are working in different places and I am continuing my volunteering for Vibha in different teams – Start and Finish, Cricket match, Parking Team, campaigning and donating funds.
The main reason for associating myself with Vibha is Vibha’s Vision and the way Vibha helps underprivileged children in India by empowering and providing them quality education through different projects in different parts of India. At the same time helping local organizations in the US also. Major strength of Vibha is having an effective Project and Monitoring team in India.

Another thing for students and youth coming and volunteering for Vibha DreamMile each year is the organizers making their volunteering experience fun and making them feel they are doing it for a good cause.

The Dream Mile yearly event also makes the community aware of the importance of one’s fitness and provides them each year the opportunity to progress through different levels – 5K walk, 5K Run, 10K Run and Half Marathon. I am looking forward to volunteering for Vibha in the coming year.


dravi21.VIBHA Inc.

Vibha is a one of a kind organization that is focused on working at the grassroots to address childhood education and health! Some of my role models are at Vibha and I’m simply fortunate to come across an amazing army of volunteers so driven!


Mahua C