India is facing a dangerous surge in new COVID-19 infections. It is overwhelming the healthcare system of the nation leaving many families with no medical assistance. The lockdowns are impacting the livelihoods and basic food supplies for millions of families.


Vibha and Vikas Khanna are stepping up during these challenging times with IMMEDIATE DEPLOYMENT of over $500,000 for COVID relief efforts, working with 40+ hospitals, healthcare facilities and trusted partner organizations in India.  JOIN US!

Our Work Featured in the Media


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Vikas Khanna on Anderson Cooper

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Vibha's Covid relief reaching the ground

Updates from the Ground

COVID Relief Work By Swanirwar and Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT)

Swanirvar is a Social Welfare Organization in West Bengal determined to reach out to the youth and… READ MORE

Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal (RMKM)- Fast and furious in COVID times

When the COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc all over in India, Vibha’s on ground partner in Ajmer, Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan… READ MORE

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

During the second wave of COVID-19 in India, Maharashtra is one of the most affected states inthe country. Though the… READ MORE

Ladder to Awareness and Acceptance – COVID relief initiatives by Swanirwar

On 5th and 6th May 2021, thousands of people who had moved to major cities for work started moving back to their homes in West Bengal … READ MORE

Click here to view a video containing pictures of the COVID relief activities, through joint ventures of Swanirwar and Vibha.

Supporting children with Special needs through Society for Education and Action (SEA)

During the second wave of COVID-19, Vibha extended support to one of its on ground partners in Tamil Nadu (whom it has been supporting since 2005) – SEA… READ MORE

Pictures of SEA supporting children with special needs can be found HERE

Projects Supported


Food, medical supplies, hygiene kits are being distributed to various communities via our project partners listed below


Projects Location Amount in Rs. Purpose
Door Step School Pune, Maharashtra ₹291,375 For procuring vaccines, medicines and food grain supply, raising awareness, and others
Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal Ajmer, Rajasthan ₹701,500 For procuring vaccines, food grains supply, livelihood support, raising awareness, non-medical supplies, and others
Leap For Word Nashik, Shirpur, Maharashtra ₹150,000 Procure medicines for a primary health care clinic in the tribal village
Jan Madhyam Slums in Delhi ₹600,000 Provide vaccines, medicines and food grain supply, raising awareness, and others
Rachana Velha and Bhor blocks, Pune, Maharashtra ₹645,500 Provide vaccines, medicines, and food supply
Eklavya Shahpur block, Betul district, MP ₹707,100 Provide vaccines and medicines, non-medical supplies, medical equipment, learning kits for children for more than 3000 families
Swanirvar Baduria, Denganga, WB ₹237,000 Provide non-medical supply, food supply and others
Samavesh Khategaon, Dewas, Urban Bhopal, MP ₹757,000 Provide vaccines, medicines, raising awareness and procure medical equipment
Bhagvatula Charitable Trust Visakhapatnam, AP ₹503,750 Provide non-medical supplies and raising awareness
Corp India Slums of Mumbai, Maharashtra ₹600,000 Provide food grain supply
Corp India (Street Children) Mumbai central, Maharastra ₹562,500 Provide food grain supply
Aide-et-Action Hyderabad, AP ₹710,000 Arrange safe travel of brick kiln Odia workers from the brick kilns of Hyderabad to their native place in Odisha
Cohesion Foundation Banaskantha, Gujarat ₹700,350 Arrange different types of awareness camps, provide non medical supplies and medical equipment in 11 villages
Baikunthapur Tarun Sangha Baikuntapur, Patharpratima, Sunderban, WB ₹765,000 Provide no-medical supply, food grain and raise awareness
Society for Education and Action Thirukazhikundram, Chengalpet, TN ₹488,000 Provide food grain supply for 488 families of people with special needs
Sarada Kalyan Bhandar Midnapore ₹400,960 Provide non-medical supply and food grain supply in 12 villages
Rural Development Organization Pudukkottai District of Tamil Nadu ₹675,000 Provide non-medical supply and food grain supply for 300 families
Children Toy Foundation Mumbai, Vita village in Satara ₹152,700 Procure non-medical supplies and vaccines and medicines
ALAMB Om Vihar and Shiv Vihar slums of New Delhi ₹56,750 Provide ration kits for 50 families who have lost their livelihood due to the pandemic
Language and Learning Foundation Chhatisgarh ₹213,000 Arrange medical treatment of COVID infected field staff
Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal Ajmer, Rajasthan ₹1,548,000 Procure ambulance for medical support of the village, particularly people with special needs
Citizen’s Association for Child Rights (CACR) collaboration with United Way Mumbai Mumbai, Maharashtra ₹569,016 Provide cooked meals for at least 120 people every day over a period of 30 days
Swasti Gurgaon, Haryana ₹525,000 Provide ration kits for 750 families over a period of 30 days
Prayas Villages near Jaipur, Rajasthan ₹1,000,000 Procure 4000 Antigen testing kits
Saaras Impact Foundation Lucknow, UP ₹550,000 Provide dry ration kits to 500 households of rickshaw pullers, rag-pickers and who have lost means of earning
Vidyarambam Villages of Tirunelveli, Trichy, Sirkali distict, TN ₹700,000 Provide packets of food provisions to 800 families who have lost livelihood, elderly with no support
INDIAdonates Purnia Medical Center, Bihar ₹1,021,000 Support for 575 Covid patients
Swanirvar 7 villages of Sunderban, WB ₹490,000 Provide Cooked meals for 450 starving tribal population from 7 remote villages of Sundarbans worst affected by YAAS cyclone
Total ₹16,320,501 ($225,000)