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Developing and implementing a robust Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy should reflect a comprehensive understanding of the many ways by which businesses can create meaningful social impact. But corporate leaders typically face a two-fold challenge when it comes to this. The first is a lack of resources with in-depth expertise in the social development sector, which is closely followed by the lack of actual bandwidth to develop, implement and monitor programs on an ongoing basis. This is where Vibha comes into the picture with our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) offerings.

4 ways Vibha helps our corporate partners

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Optimized CSR fund deployment with ready-to-go, tested projects, ensuring that the Companies don’t waste time in identifying and evaluating social programs

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Customized Projects in line with brand fit and company vision

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Assistance with Volunteer Engagement Program

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Audited, metrics-driven and field-visit Reports of the selected program, that track impact indicators (Q&Q)

Partner Benefits

The Vibha model and experience ensures that companies don’t waste time setting up internal departments for the CSR effort to search, identify, analyze and evaluate, experiment-with social programmes which succeed. That process, as we know it from our own experience, can be messy, wasteful, heart bleeding and sub-optimal in success.


From day-one companies can invest in social programmes that work.


These social programmes by Vibha are audited, metrics driven, field-visit led and companies will be kept in the loop as to how their funds are deployed and the impact that it is having.


Companies in turn, can use this reporting information from Vibha, for the mandated disclosures in the Audited Report, website, etc.

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