Charity begins from home…

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Charity begins from home…

Sasi Challa Tadepalli is one of the veteran volunteers of Vibha. She has been associated with Vibha since 1996. Sasi first began to work with the Dallas Action Center. She is now in Hyderabad, India but is still connected with Vibha as a Project Lead for Aid ET Action, a new project Vibha Hyderabad recently started funding.

Sasi was performing a dance at an event called Dhwani, a fundraiser organized by Vibha Bangalore Center and during the event, she also spoke about Vibha to educate people about its work. Sasi’s 10 year old niece, Anwita Vatsyayan, came to know about Vibha’s vision and mission during this event.

In February, 2019, when her father organized a get-together of friends and family at their home, Anwita excitedly grabbed this opportunity to fundraise for Vibha- as a part of the Year End Drive for Vibha India. She planned to sell lemonade to the guests, with 4 other friends, Anvi, Dalisha, Anya and Samaira. They successfully raised 1400 rupees.

There are really no boundaries of age or place, when one really wants to contribute to the society and make a difference.

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